The Hangar - Sacramento, CA
Jackpot! - Portland, OR
Mr Toad's - San Francisco, CA
Gravel Voice - Seattle, WA
Monster Island - New York, NY
City Sound - New York, NY
Makeshift Studios - Boston, MA
Treelady - Pittsburgh, PA
Peerless - Boston, MA
SAE - Phoenix, AZ
Studio B - Charlotte, NC
The Lodge - New York, NY
Silvertone - Saratoga Springs, NY
Bluefield - Raleigh, NC
Treelady - Pittsburg, PA
Tangerine - Weehawken, NJ
Joe Lambert Mastering - Brooklyn, NY
Airshow - Takoma Park, MD

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If you aren't familiar with lynda.com, they curate what is probably the most genuinely useful and well thought out media training library on the web. While the site covers just about every modern creative topic imaginable, they also have been quietly cultivating an increasingly extensive library of audio-related courses, covering everything from EQ and compression basics to advanced Melodyne techniques (not to mention two excellent courses on recording and mixing by Tape Op's own Larry Crane).

Check out their 90+ audio courses with in-depth training in recording and mixing techniques, music editing, audio effects, virtual instruments, DAW workstations, and more.


In the music blog Trust Me I'm a Scientist, editor Justin Colletti and a rotating cast of contributing writers try to separate fact from fiction with a steady stream of research-based articles on the art, science, and economics of music and sound. From audio gear comparisons to music business stories supported by real world numbers, TMIAS aims to separate what we do know from what we don't, so that musicians and engineers can focus on what really matters: Making great records.


SoundChannel Training Library features:

Animated, interactive e-textbooks that include audio examples, video demonstrations, DIY projects and quizzes so you can test your own progress.

College-level content created by award-winning college professors and seasoned industry professionals. Used by colleges across the country.

Resource library that delves deep into the science and electronics of sound and audio gear.

Self-paced, unlimited access online 24/7.


Whether you're brushing up on recording techniques, or learning the fundamentals, there's something here for you. Over 6,000 students from 93 countries have been trained at SoundChannel.