Gear Reviews

from issue no. 114

Demeter: VTMP-2B Tube Preamp

reviewed by Larry Crane

Name me any boutique, high-end, tube preamp that has been on the market for over 30 years. That's right, Demeter's VTMP is the only one that's been around that long. I remember using one in a local...

Blue: Lola Headphone

reviewed by Andy Hong

In my review of the Blue Mo-Fi headphone [Tape Op #105] last year, I stated that it was the most innovative headphone I'd ever seen. Lola is the new, younger sibling of Mo-Fi. It shares the same...

Carl Tatz Design: PhantomFocus eChair

reviewed by Andy Hong

Carl Tatz is an award-winning studio designer best known for his PhantomFocus System [Tape Op #82], a wholistic approach to optimizing all aspects of a monitoring system in order to achieve the best...