Gear Reviews

by Eli Crews

SM9 active studio monitor

by Focal Professional | reviewed by Eli Crews

The quest for the right studio monitor can be long and frustrating. Or, the first pair you audition can instantly become the pair you know and trust, allowing you to do your best work right from the...

Rokit 5 G3 active monitor

by KRK | reviewed by Eli Crews

Anyone who has read my previous reviews may know that two years ago, I left the comfort of my trusted Oakland studio to start mixing primarily in my apartment in Brooklyn. I started working right away...

TrackSpacer plug-in

by Wavesfactory | reviewed by Eli Crews

This is a simple little plug-in that does one thing extremely well - it gets other stuff out of the way. It does that by employing a unique and elegant method, creating a reverse EQ profile of...

C1LA stereo compressor/limiter

by Smart Research | reviewed by Eli Crews

Building upon the foundations of the renowned SSL G Series bus compressor, Alan Smart drew on years of experience working for SSL to create the first (that I am aware of) rackmount clone of what was,...

API 500-Series EQ Plug-In Collection

by Universal Audio | reviewed by Eli Crews

The list of invaluable UAD-2 plug-ins just keeps growing. Earlier this year, Universal Audio added the venerable API 550A and 560 EQs to the pile of must-have emulations, and I've had the pleasure of...