Gear Reviews

Mic Preamps

MPDI-4 mic preamp/DI

by UnderTone Audio | reviewed by Dana Gumbiner

UnderTone Audio (UTA) is a relative newcomer to the world of boutique gear, the brainchild of producer/engineer Eric Valentine and electronic designer Larry Jasper, both mad geniuses in their own...

Lineage 8-channel mic preamp

by Harrison | reviewed by Andy Hong

I haven't spent any time on a Harrison console, but I do know that many important albums and films were recorded or mixed on Harrison consoles over the decades, and company founder Dave Harrison...

CA-286 mic preamp

by Coil Audio | reviewed by Brad Williams

21st century perspective reveals that, in many ways, the advancement of recording technology has been chronologically non-linear. Rather than a tidy progression from primitive-to-sophisticated, we...

Flexiguy FG500

by NonLinearAudio | reviewed by Bobby Lurie

In a galaxy long ago, it was not uncommon to spend a day or two getting a snare drum sound on a big-budget record. Numerous drums were carted to the session and the pounding "thwack" would begin. The...

583S mk2 tube preamp

by LaChapell Audio | reviewed by Geoff Stanfield

Let's paint a picture. If you are new to painting, let's paint by numbers. If you have been at it awhile, let's explore and start mixing our own colors and use more than just a paintbrush to apply...