Gear Reviews

Mic Preamps

Mogaine ribbon mic pre-preamp

by Crimson Audio Transformers | reviewed by Garrett Haines

Many of us love ribbon mics. Arguably, they can be the best option for some sources. But even fans know how low the output level of ribbons can be. Active ribbon mics have appeared in recent years,...

MPDI-4 mic preamp/DI

by UnderTone Audio | reviewed by Dana Gumbiner

UnderTone Audio (UTA) is a relative newcomer to the world of boutique gear, the brainchild of producer/engineer Eric Valentine and electronic designer Larry Jasper, both mad geniuses in their own...

Lineage 8-channel mic preamp

by Harrison | reviewed by Andy Hong

I haven't spent any time on a Harrison console, but I do know that many important albums and films were recorded or mixed on Harrison consoles over the decades, and company founder Dave Harrison...

CA-286 mic preamp

by Coil Audio | reviewed by Brad Williams

21st century perspective reveals that, in many ways, the advancement of recording technology has been chronologically non-linear. Rather than a tidy progression from primitive-to-sophisticated, we...