Ah, the glory that is the expansion of the mind!

July 15, 2011  |  No. 84


by Garrett Haines

In an interview with Bill Skibbe for a "Behind the Gear" article [#44], he said, "One of the most important things you have to be able to do is troubleshoot and fix problems. Because when the stuff...

May 15, 2011  |  No. 83

DIY Diffusors

by Brad Williams

While hardly a glamorous concept, room acoustics represent a critical link in the recording or playback chain. While comprehensive room design is a complex cocktail of science, math and chance...

Nov. 15, 2010  |  No. 80

A Crash Course on Fender Amplifiers

by Brad Williams

Guitar amps are wonderful, mysterious things. Like any other amplifying or processing device, guitar amps impart varying degrees and types of coloration to the input signal, and can have character...

Sept. 15, 2010  |  No. 79

Prepping Drums

by Steve La Cerra

Most engineers would probably agree that recording a drum kit is one of the most challenging studio tasks. The popularity of sampled drums and drum replacement software is a testament to the facts...

Sept. 15, 2010  |  No. 79

Other Drum Tips

by Chris Garges

Die cast hoops Die cast hoops give a drum more body, not "crack." I totally think of triple-flanged hoops as giving a drum more crack without the substantial body that a die cast hoop adds. Nylon...

July 15, 2010  |  No. 78

Monitor Positioning

by Carl Tatz

Do Do toe in your near-field monitors to a 30 degree angle.  Do space your near-field monitors far enough apart so that the apex of your equilateral triangle is 18 inches behind your head....