One quote from each issue of Tape Op — numbered by issue.

1. "Keep that spontaneity there at all costs." -Fred Cornog (East River Pipe)

2. "If I notice it then I gotta work on it." -Janet Weiss (Quasi/Sleater-Kinney)

3. "How many records have been recorded on an ADAT that you and I like?" -Steve Fisk

4. "I'm a person who really likes clarity." -Hillary Johnson

5. "The problem was the sound they insisted on recording." -Brian McTear

6. "I don't want it to sound studio slick." -Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices)

7. "Not everyone is going to like, understand or care about what you've recorded." -Curtis Settino

8. "I don't really like doing things one at a time." -Don Zientara

9. "Distortion is usually your friend." -Rob Schnapf

10. "I want to be in cahoots with bands who want to make the record of their dreams." -Steve Albini

11. "I still consider myself a consumer of music more than anything else." -DJ Shadow

12. "It's taken us six records to stop hating the studio." -Guy Picciotto (Fugazi)

13. "I try to think of the recording process as another band member." -Joey Burns (Calexico)

14. "Imagine what it was like recording Sinatra or James Brown." -Joe Chiccarelli

15. "We don't have any computers!" -Liam Watson (Toe Rag Studio)

16. "I couldn't get arrested in the '80s to mix anything." Tchad Blake

17. "It doesn't take a genius to hit play and record." -Dave Fridmann

18. "We had to stop recording whenever a plane flew over." -Phill Brown

19. "I haven't seen a lot of young producers who work the floor in a traditional way." -Jim Dickinson

20. "It was the last record that I did that I'm most happy with." -Roger Moutenot

21. "That's the beauty of recording, that there is no right way." -John Fischbach

22. "You can't just buy an analog recorder and expect it to sound good." -Sean Slade

23. "I'll definitely do anything if it seems worth trying." -John McEntire

24. "We used a lot of bands as guinea pigs before we started." -Vern Rumsey (Unwound)

25. "Because we run our own studio we'll try anything." -Seb Thomson (Trans Am)

26. "I don't think we're going to get from Neve what we really want." Malcolm Toft (on how Trident consoles came to be)

27. "A lot of times when you record, I don't wanna hear it any more." -Gregory Davis (Dirty Dozen)

28. "It will always sound like whatever stereo it's being played on." -Rafter Roberts

29. "The object is to make a great record and you have to do whatever it takes." -Tony Visconti

30. "I don't know why there aren't more women participating." -Leanne Ungar

31. "There are no rules." -Bob Ezrin

32. "I don't know if there's ever been another label that has a studio where everyone has a key." -Calvin Johnson

33. "You just need a place to go and have fun." -Dave Sardy

34. "I really try to make records that people want to listen to in their entirety." -JD Foster

35. "When you stack too much shit on top of other shit, you really have to shove it around." -John Goodmanson

36. "Don't let anyone kill an idea before it's been fully realized." -Mark Trombino

37. "I became fascinated with recording in an open room." -Daniel Lanois

38. "Use those tools to make some decently creative music." -Larry Fast

39. "I really know so little about recording, and I'm learning as I go." -James Mercer (The Shins)

40. "A lot of good musicians made me look good." -Cosimo Matassa

41. "Listening is selecting and interpreting and acting and making decisions." -Pauline Oliveros

42. "I try to find a way that the other guy hasn't thought of using a sound or a sample." -Alan Parsons

43. "That was before the days of sliding faders." -Rudy Van Gelder

44. "I've always felt that Memphis is great at exporting local products." -Doug Easley

45. "Every note has to come out clean." -Carol Kaye

46. "I tend to get sounds that sound a little bit wrecked." -Gordon Raphael

47. "A good recording often has more to do with arrangement than with recording techniques." -Mark Rubel

48. "You make everything invisible, the whole technical side." -Victor Van Vugt

49. "There's always great music to make." -Ethan Johns

50. "It's important not to be afraid ego-wise to share your information." -Phil Ramone

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