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TOC Intro  |  No. 132

Intro / TOC #132

by Larry Crane

"How do we stay interested in the art of recording?" It's a question I was considering recently, and I feel fortunate that I remain excited about mixing songs, producing records, running a studio,...

May/Jun 2019

TOC Intro  |  No. 131

Intro / TOC #131

by Larry Crane

Since founding this magazine 23 years ago, it's been interesting to me the many ways Tape Op reflects my own journey through music and audio, but also the many facets in which it doesn't. Sure, I own...

Mar/Apr 2019

TOC Intro  |  No. 130

Intro / TOC #130

by John Baccigaluppi

Photo: Chambers, courtesy of Alvin Lucier. See his interview here. I'm John Baccigaluppi, the other guy at Tape Op and this issue I'm writing the intro that Larry, our editor, usually writes....

Jan/Feb 2019

TOC Intro  |  No. 129

Intro / TOC #129

by Larry Crane

When I first started getting obsessed with recorded music as a teenager, I saw the recorded music I enjoyed in a magical light. A tune on the radio was a beacon from beyond, like some special jewel...

Nov/Dec 2018

TOC Intro  |  No. 128

Intro / TOC #128

by Larry Crane

A songwriter recently asked me to advise him on what type of recording equipment he should buy. He was looking for "a decent interface and a program… that won't make my demos sound like shit,...

Sep/Oct 2018

TOC Intro  |  No. 127

Intro / TOC #127

by Larry Crane

"Organising is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up." - A. A. Milne Very organized writing utensil space at Power Station. See interview...

Mar/Apr 2018

TOC Intro  |  No. 124

Intro / TOC #124

by Larry Crane

Sometimes I feel like maybe I've faked my way into the world of audio recording. I'll be talking to a group of engineers, usually peers around my age or younger, and they'll be rattling off classic,...

Jan/Feb 2018

TOC Intro  |  No. 123

Intro / TOC #123

by Larry Crane

Many years ago, I was the one onstage, performing songs I'd written with my friends in our band, and hoping that audiences would care about what we were doing. We traveled around the country, and...

Nov/Dec 2017

TOC Intro  |  No. 122

Intro / TOC #122

by Larry Crane

Years ago I was in a session when I suddenly turned around to my clients and asked, “What is it that you think you are paying me for right now?” They came up with a few answers relating to...

May/Jun 2017

TOC Intro  |  No. 119

Intro / TOC #119

by Larry Crane

“Despite recording studios being the place designed to capture musical ideas, in many of them it takes far too much effort to get those ideas down as they’re happening.”From...

Mar/Apr 2017

TOC Intro  |  No. 118

Intro / TOC #118

by Larry Crane

A lot of times during recording sessions people ask me if I'm able to listen to music outside the studio without being super critical of what I'm hearing. Usually this follows 30 minutes of using...

Jan/Feb 2017

TOC Intro  |  No. 117

Intro / TOC #117

by Larry Crane

Here’s one constant scenario I run into: A client comes to me with tracks to mix. They’ve recorded in a home studio, or some such modest setting. Their gear list is fairly limited, maybe...

Nov/Dec 2016

TOC Intro  |  No. 116

Intro / TOC #116

by Larry Crane

A few months ago I saw an opening in my calendar. A colleague, Brent Rogers, who works across town at REX Production & Post, had offered to take me out to lunch and give me a tour of the place. It...