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Feb. 24, 2011



THE "DRUG STORE TRUCK-DRIVING MAN" From Tape Op issue #2! Here's a true story from an engineer that was there: On the condition of anonymity, here's what happened, as best as I remember it... keep...

Nov. 3, 2009

by Gye Green

Sometimes recordists (and musicians, more broadly) have to ship a piece of gear — either to the manufacturer for repairs, or to the retailer as a return or exchange. Just as recording is more...

Sept. 24, 2008

Tom Bugs

by A. B. Daniels

Soon after finishing a technical engineering degree, Tom Bugs completed and sold his first batch of Weevils. While working out how to give life to what would become BugBrand, Tom helped out at the...

Jan. 5, 2008

Terry Manning and Lucas Engineering

by Mark Rubel

Talk a little about your Lucas equipment. I started about '89 or '90. Really what inspired it was two things: It was always difficult recording guitars, because a lot of what I did experimenting on...

Aug. 31, 2007

Nicolas Collins - Trombone Electronics

by Robert Poss

What exactly is/are "trombone-propelled electronics?" The backwards guitar pieces were fun to watch because of all those "horny guitars" (as my wife dubbed the highly pronged pawnshop specials that...