Using Pro Tools? Got 888/24s? Does leaving tape behind make you feel creepy? Or does fixing stuff on PT and then putting it back worry you? Heard about the more expensive Apogees? Well get hip to wordclock distribution! Oh yes! and jitter specs too! By feeding each of your 888/24 interfaces with a superior, stable, purpose built "low jitter" word clock signal you will greatly improve the sound quality of a) recordings b) playback of stuff already recorded c) any other digital gear running with wordclock inputs. Attaching this unit to the 'word clock in' on my 888/24 had a stunning effect on playback of an acoustic guitar that previously sounded digital, distant and scratchy. Higher highs and lower lows came out of the interface - with the Rosendahl- attached tracks sounded more luxurious. If you have a digital desk or other gear with a word clock inputs, you are set because the Nanosyncs has 6 BNC wordclock outputs. Film sound folks have been hip to providing a 'house wordclock sync' in their studios for years - time we caught up with 'em! A giant stride forward in fidelity for a low price. (www.rosendahl-

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