The PCP distro is a hoot! Feeding a guitar into more than two amps at the same time can be a drain on the pickup and produce a weedy sound. The PCP device is buffered and fools the pick up that it is driving just one amp and each device connected to the 3 outputs is lead to believe it's "the only one". It also produces a super DI output that several times has beat out another well known "Super DI" in playoffs. It's a fuckin' breeze routing to different amps or amp simulators. There is an earth lift for each output and a phase reverse too! As well as the basic usage described above, it can also work in reverse as 3 separate re-amp devices, a high level line driver and it's other totally groovy function - to interface Cheesy guitar pedals to pro audio line level (PCP = Professional to Cheesy Pedal - true!). This means the end of having your echo sends on tiny amounts below "1" so as not to blast through the pedal you want to use, plus the impedance will be optimal. Typically I use it on overdubs - I get a DI, feed to amp in live area 1, feed to amp in live area 2, feed to marshal JMP1 preamp. Word is the rock-god producers often get their tones by combining several amps going at once, and this is the rock-god producer DI box! Oh and it comes with a black attaché case to keep it in. All you need is the shades! ($950, 800-642-0064 or 323-851-6860

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