To be honest, I'm not one for getting excited about pitch correction. It always seemed that it put some kind of "robotic-ness" to the voice. However, when I saw that Oberheim had licensed the Antares Auto-tune engine, and had begun marketing it under the name OB-Tune, I downloaded it on a whim. Like most plug- in junkies, I've been known to install VST or Direct-X software and never use it more than once. Little did I know, that this $50 piece of software would become so important to me. If you've ever had clients that couldn't quite get the vocals, this is for you! I've used it on such diverse genres as punk and country with more than impressive results. It gives the recordings such a professional air, that it's almost unbelievable. It's also great for tuning bass tracks when the intonation is out. The product is easy to use, cheap, and it really works!


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