Gear Reviews

from issue no. 36

Dynamics  |  No. 36

FET Compressor II

Reviewed by Craig Schumacher

Geoff Daking gets it. With the new Daking FET Compressor II, Geoff has created an instant classic. Those who are familiar with other Daking products will find the same attention to audio craftsmanship...

Neve: 3310 limiter modules

reviewed by Chris Garges

A couple years ago, I bought a pair of Neve 3310 limiter modules from hi-fi guru Early Bender-Worth ( I wasn't familiar with these particular modules, but I figured that if I didn't...

RealTraps: RealTraps bass traps

reviewed by Andy Hong

Ethan Winer is a name you may recognize. He's been a published author of audio-related articles since the 70s, and he's a regular contributor to many of the online forums. In 1995, he wrote an article...

Auralex: PlatFoam

reviewed by Andy Hong

In Issue #34, I wrote about my studio's lack of floating floors, and how the Auralex GRAMMA isolation platform reduced the amount of bass-amp rumble escaping the main room. I also noted that the...

MOTU: 24 I/O interface

reviewed by John Baccigaluppi

This is the perfect PCI/ASIO based audio interface for all of us studio owners looking for a high quality, versatile, yet simple, audio interface for a full sized music recording studio. It's best...

Radial: JDV Mk3 Direct Box

reviewed by Pete Weiss

DI boxes. We all rely on them to record electric instruments directly and to perform impedence matching chores. They've never been known as the most glamorous piece of studio gear, but they're surely...

Shure: SM7 microphone

reviewed by Drew Townson

"No, not the Shure SM57," I said to the young clerk at the mega guitar market, "I need an SM-SEVEN." " Dude," he replied. "There's no such thing. You mean a FIFTY-SEVEN." At that point, luckily, I...