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from issue no. 41

Effects  |  No. 41

Sony: DPS-R7 Digital Reverb

reviewed by Chris Garges

The DPS-R7 is part of the single-rackspace series that Sony manufactured in the early 90s. It has 100 factory presets and room to store 256 user-created settings. The front panel has a scroll knob,...

M-Audio: Luna, Solaris

reviewed by AJ

I recently got to try out M-Audio's new large- diaphragm condenser mics. The two are well constructed and moderately priced (though not as dirt cheap as the many bargain-basement Chinese condensers...

L.T. Lug Lock: Lug Lock

reviewed by Rick Wise

Recording drums has always seemed to be more of a hassle than recording other instruments. A lot of this can be attributed to multiple microphones, phasing, etc. One area of recording drums that has...