Gear Reviews

from issue no. 67

Mackie: MR5 active monitors

reviewed by Andy Hong

The first time I connected these tiny speakers to my console's outputs, I couldn't believe the size of the sound I was hearing. After playing through a few more songs, I had to walk out of the control...

Focusrite: ISA One preamp/DI

reviewed by Al Lawson

When the ISA One first arrived, I was worried that its features seem to be targeted at the solo, at-home recordist and that I wasn't going to get the best out of it purely because that's not usually...

Ableton: Live 7

reviewed by Dana Gumbiner

Yet another timely upgrade to Ableton's unparalleled DAW sequencing software instrument, Live 7 offers up a great number of optimizations, enhancements, and new instruments. I can be a bit wary of...