Gear Reviews

from issue no. 69

Cakewalk: SONAR 8

reviewed by Alan Tubbs

I started using SONAR years ago for work at home. It fit my way of working, and I've stuck with it all the way to the latest version. (Version 6 was reviewed in Tape Op #61.) SONAR remains...

ADAM Audio: Sub12 subwoofer

reviewed by Andy Hong

As I've mentioned in the past, a properly positioned subwoofer can reproduce the low frequencies that the main speakers simply can't due to room geometry and placement constraints. Even if a...

Sonnox: SuprEsser plug-in

reviewed by Andy Hong

At first glance, SuprEsser seems to be a straight-laced de-esser with a tidy user-interface centered on an orderly FFT spectral analysis display. But after time spent, you realize that even...