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from issue no. 94

Microphones  |  No. 94

iXY stereo mic for iOS

Reviewed by Larry Crane

I have to admit I'm really not one of those people that lusts after recording equipment. I'm sure one reason is that I have a well-equipped studio with a lot of gear that I've amassed over the years,...

AEA: A840 active ribbon mic

reviewed by Adam Kagan

AEA makes some of the world's finest ribbons mics, including their recreation of the RCA 44-BX (the AEA R44) and their groundbreaking active A440, which carry hefty price tags. Wes Dooley, the founder...

iZotope: Alloy 2 plug-in

reviewed by Andy Hong

When the original version of Alloy was released, Dave Hidek, Chief Recording Engineer of Treelady Studios, wrote an informative review [Tape Op #76] stating: "Alloy, like its name suggests, is a...

FabFilter: Pro-DS plug-in

reviewed by Dave Hidek

As a fan of all things FabFilter, I jumped at the chance to check out Pro-DS, a new de-esser plug-in that claims both intelligent and transparent de-essing as well as high-frequency limiting. As luck...