Gear Reviews

by Alan Tubbs

Acoustica: Mixcraft 8 DAW

reviewed by Alan Tubbs

SONAR [Tape Op #116] is dead, long live… which DAW? The shutdown of Gibson-owned Cakewalk sent thousands of users looking for a new DAW. It may be that SONAR's demise has been grossly...

Cakewalk: SONAR Platinum

reviewed by Alan Tubbs

The new SONAR that replaces SONAR X3 will be the last one ever — no more numbered editions according to Cakewalk. But that doesn't mean that this is the last release you'll ever need....

Warm Audio: WA12 mic preamp

reviewed by Alan Tubbs

Designer/owner Bryce Young describes his Warm Audio WA12 not as a clone of the API 312, but based upon that classic design. It arrived double-boxed, with plenty of packing and peanuts, which is always...