Gear Reviews

by Alan Tubbs

Yamaha: YC61 Stage Keyboard

reviewed by Alan Tubbs

The Yamaha YC61 Stage Keyboard is a 61-key waterfall keyboard, now also available with 73 and 88 keys. It has three separate sound engines: VCM for the H Organs, FM for the F Organs and FM sounds in...

Yamaha: MODX Synthesizer

reviewed by Alan Tubbs

You might think that the new MODX synthesizer from Yamaha is just a compact version of their flagship MONTAGE keyboard [Tape Op #127], and on the surface you might be right (the MODX sound engine is...

Audient: iD44 Interface

reviewed by Alan Tubbs

Audient jumped headfirst into the premium class interface market with their release of the iD22 [Tape Op #104]. The premium classification gives more attention to component and design quality than...

Acoustica: Mixcraft 8 DAW

reviewed by Alan Tubbs

SONAR [Tape Op #116] is dead, long live… which DAW? The shutdown of Gibson-owned Cakewalk sent thousands of users looking for a new DAW. It may be that SONAR's demise has been grossly...

Cakewalk: SONAR Platinum

reviewed by Alan Tubbs

The new SONAR that replaces SONAR X3 will be the last one ever — no more numbered editions according to Cakewalk. But that doesn't mean that this is the last release you'll ever need....