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No. 79  |  Sep 2010
Sept. 15, 2010


B2 Bomber ADC & DAC

by BURL Audio | Reviewed by F. Reid Shippen

" ... asked two mastering engineers to spend time with the B2 DAC and got some of their impressions down in writing.Jessica Thompson is the mastering engineer at The Magic Shop in NYC. She specializes in archival restoration, currently working her way through ... "

No. 123  |  Jan 2018
Jan. 16, 2018

EQs, Rackmount

CA500EQ 2-Channel Rackmount EQ

by Coleman Audio | Reviewed by Scott Evans, Jessica Thompson

" ... of the CA500EQ, with 1 dB steps on the high and low bands, and 0.5 dB steps on both midrange bands. –Jessica Thompson MCI consoles aren't spoken about in the same revered tones as many other classic consoles, but these US-built beasts ... "

No. 125  |  May 2018
May 19, 2018


Beginner’s Archiving for Musicians

by Save Your Stuff! | Reviewed by Larry Crane

" ... understand concepts to help musicians (as well as engineers and producers) "organize, describe, and back up" their music. Author Jessica Thompson (see her re-mastering article this issue) specializes in mastering, restoration, and archiving, as well as contributing to occasional Tape Op ... "

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