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No. 68  |  Nov 2008
Nov. 15, 2008


Oxford Limiter plug-in

by Sonnox | Reviewed by Garrett Haines

" ... It featured programs so advanced that the company had to fabricate custom DSP chips to run the effects. Years later, Sonnox is making the original Sony Oxford effects (as well as some new ones) available for you and me. I recently ... "

No. 79  |  Sep 2010
Sept. 15, 2010


Restore plug-in suite

by Sonnox | Reviewed by Garrett Haines

" This new trio of plug-ins from UK-based Sonnox (the group that brought us plug-ins based on the Sony Oxford digital console) includes Oxford DeClicker, Oxford DeBuzzer and Oxford ... "

No. 123  |  Jan 2018
Jan. 16, 2018

EQs, Plug-Ins, Software

Oxford Dynamic EQ Plug-In

by Sonnox | Reviewed by Don Gunn, Garrett Haines

" ... to my eyes and sounded artificial or hyped to my ears. Fortunately, that's not the case with the recently released Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ. Oxford Dynamic EQ's GUI is the most elegant Sonnox representation ever, with controls that allow novice users ... "

No. 125  |  May 2018
May 19, 2018


VoxDoubler Thicken & Widen Plug-Ins

by Sonnox | Reviewed by Scott McChane

" ... vocal. Not by coincidence, Thicken and Widen are the names of the two separate plug-ins that comprise the VoxDoubler suite; Sonnox's first addition to their new, budget-priced Toolbox Range. Toolbox plug-ins promise to offer "a single focus that deliver a simple ... "

No. 69  |  Jan 2009
Jan. 15, 2009


SuprEsser plug-in

by Sonnox | Reviewed by Andy Hong

" ... capabilities, but even if you purchase SuprEsser solely for its de-essing prowess, your money will be well spent. ($300 MSRP; "

No. 63  |  Jan 2008
Jan. 15, 2008

DSP Accelerators

UAD-1e & UAD-Xpander Xtreme

by Universal Audio | Reviewed by

" ... to say that the UAD plug-ins blow similar TDM plug-ins out of the water-pretty much all of them except the Sonnox. They're so damn musical. But I do have to be fair and add that there were a few spinning wheels, ... "

No. 77  |  May 2010
May 15, 2010


Creation Station computers

by Sweetwater | Reviewed by

" ... and compressor plug-ins, and the DSP never reached 20%. Of course, it's not bulletproof, as one instance of the excellent Sonnox SuprEsser (#64) can wreak havoc on a 96 kHz session. However, I believe this had more to do with my ... "

No. 84  |  Jul 2011
July 15, 2011

Interfaces, Recorders, Software

Pro Tools HD Native

by Avid | Reviewed by John Baccigaluppi

" ... for: Eventide ( Tape Op #55), SoundToys EchoBoy (#62), Auto-Tune, Altiverb (#28), Drumagog (#84), Wave Arts Restoration Suite (#60, #63), and Sonnox (#32, #41, #68). If future upgrades only involved a limited number of plug-in bundles, they would go much smoother. (Note ... "

No. 94  |  Mar 2013
March 15, 2013


Pro-DS plug-in

by FabFilter | Reviewed by Dave Hidek

" ... be able to change the release time when being more heavy-handed than usual. In the same way that iZotope and Sonnox give you seemingly infinite tweaking capabilities with their plug-ins, it'd be nice to be able to move beyond the default ... "

No. 115  |  Sep 2016
Sept. 27, 2016

Computers, Software

RADAR studio computer & HDR

by iZ Technology | Reviewed by John Baccigaluppi

" ... on RADAR studio. Speaking of plug-ins, I quickly learned that most of the major plug-in companies, like Sound Toys, UAD, Sonnox, Eventide, Wave Arts, Waves, Valhalla, etc., support Windows. I lost more plug-ins migrating from PT 10 to 12 than I ... "

No. 121  |  Sep 2017
Sept. 22, 2017


Neutron Intelligent Mixing Plug-In

by iZotope | Reviewed by Andy Hong

" ... timeline curves overlaid onto the post-process spectrum and amplitude envelope displays. I’ll admit that my favorite envelope shaping plug-in is Sonnox Oxford Envolution [Tape Op #113] because of its powerful parametric spectral controls and its difference (effect-only) function, but in many ... "

No. 123  |  Jan 2018
Jan. 16, 2018


Physion Structural Effects Plug-In

by Eventide | Reviewed by Larry Crane

" ... was an immediate adopter. Now, I could control how quickly a source entered and left the mix. Other plug-ins, notably Sonnox Oxford Envolution [#113], have added a higher degree of control to transient vs. tonal information, and I have been using ... "

No. 135  |  Jan 2020
Jan. 16, 2020

EQs, Plug-Ins, Tools

Oxford Drum Gate Plug-In

by Sonnox | Reviewed by Larry Crane

" ... gate work as effectively as I wished. In my opinion it took right up until now to do so, with Sonnox's Oxford Drum Gate. Intelligent detection is the initial key to gating drums this effectively. Yes, we've all tried sidechain/key inputs ... "

Articles 3 results

No. 81  |  Jan 2011
Jan. 15, 2011


Danny Kroger and Lars Falck

by Bo W. Lauritsen

" ... digitally. I use the analog equipment for the overall shaping of the sound, and highlighting of frequencies. Digital EQs like Sonnox are really effective for the more clinical and accurate treatment — I mostly use them to cut frequencies. They are ... "

No. 129  |  Jan 2019
Jan. 17, 2019


Jamie Lidell: Electro-Soul

by Larry Crane

" ... the [Thermionic] Culture Vulture, the Studer [A800] tape, the MXR [Flanger/Doubler], and all the Chandler ones. I always use the [UAD/Sonnox] Oxford plug-ins. For reverb, I love the EMT 140, EMT 250, and the Lexicon 224. I use it all! I ... "

Blog 2 results

Sept. 14, 2020


My Trade Show T-Shirts

by Geoff Stanfield

" ... nice comfortable T-shirts, not the cheap ones that don’t breathe and are too heavy.  [ image drumgate type=right ]   SonnoxI dig the graphic on this one, simple and clean, with bonus points for the blue shirt. I love the Sonnox ... "

Columns 1 result

No. 115  |  Sep 2016
Sept. 21, 2016

End Rant

Give Me a Hammer, Part 2

by John Baccigaluppi

" ... running Pro Tools 12.4 and Ableton Live, with plug-ins and virtual instruments from all major vendors, including UAD, Eventide, Soundtoys, Sonnox, Valhalla, PSP, Audio Ease, and Arturia. Bye bye, Apple. I really will miss you. — John Baccigaluppi (1) I actually ... "

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