Ah, the glory that is the expansion of the mind!

Jan. 22, 2017  |  No. 117

Learning Frequencies

by Aaron Mullan

I've been a devoted studio rat for years, but I've also toured doing live sound and, increasingly, I've found myself working in postproduction audio. For me, all of those experiences inform the other....

Aug. 17, 2015  |  No. 108

The New (and Preferred) Decibel

by Ronald Ajemian

The dB decibel is ubiquitous in the field of audio technology, recording, broadcast, etc. However, a need for a better notation has arisen to avoid confusion on the dB usage for certain...

Aug. 14, 2015  |  No. 108

All About Wall Warts

by Garrett Haines

I was reading a review in another recording magazine in which the writer opened up complaining about a device's external wall wart power supply. He went on and on about how irritating wall warts...

March 14, 2015  |  No. 106

Tony Green: Garage Jazz & David J

by Larry Crane

When I was setting up our interview with musician/producer David J, he asked if I had any interest in speaking with Tony Green, the engineer/recordist for his last few albums. I was going to be in...

July 15, 2014  |  No. 102

Tom Werman

by Tom Beaujour

Ted Nugent, REO Speedwagon, Poison, Mötley Crüe, Molly Hatchet, Twisted Sister. When pitching this article to Tape Op, it was not lost on me that many of the artists that Tom Werman signed...