Ah, the glory that is the expansion of the mind!

Sept. 15, 2009  |  No. 73

Andrew Marcinkowski

by Alex McKenzie

Andrew Marcinkowski has been working as an engineer in some of NYC's best known studios for ten years. In house stints at Chung King Recording Studios and Mission Sound have gotten him a great...

May 15, 2009  |  No. 71

Mixing and MP3s

by Paul Abbott

I recently worked with a client who referenced a popular band as their sonic target for mastering. Although I was already aware of the band, I went on iTunes to really listen to a few tracks. After...

Sept. 15, 2007  |  No. 61

Smells Clean: Is Clean: Chris Mara

by Chris Mara

We all have theories about the best way to do things in the studio, whether it be how to mic up a snare drum, or how to pull a great performance out of a singer who's having a bit of an off day....