Tape Op for Mobile Devices: Take 2

First the bad news: Due to unexpected logistical and technical problems with our subcontracted app developers, we have been forced to immediately shut down all sales and downloads for our Tape Op iPad app. This happened literally overnight and was completely unanticipated for us. We are not happy about this and are really sorry.

If you already have our app, this means that - though you can still view issues you have already downloaded - you will not be able to buy or download anything new. Additionally, if you have purchased an iPad subscription, we will regrettably not be able to deliver the current new issue (#98) to you via iPad. However, we think we can make up for this because...

Now some good news: We actually were already working on making the transition from iPad app to a pure HTML5-based mobile app by January 2014. "HTML5-based mobile app" means that subscribers will be able to view the full print version of each new issue on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc) with any operating system, directly from tapeop.com. So Tape Op will for the first time be available to read from anywhere in the world on any device.

We think the new HTML5 experience will actually be a significant leap forward from our current app. To be honest, our experiences with both subcontracting out our tech needs and living within the App Store ecosystem were fairly frustrating.

A fully custom-built app was simply too expensive for us, so we decided to go with a company that made a more "one-size-fits-all" app for publishers in general. This worked okay at first, but pretty soon we realized how constrained we were. We were unable to fix our app users' problems directly, which often meant they didn't get fixed at all. We were unable to make any customized changes or improvements to our app to suit our readers' needs. We were unable to integrate the app in any way with our print subscription base or website users. Additionally, of course, we were excluding mobile access to anyone without an iPad.

With the advances in HTML5 technology (and in particular what it can do for publishers), it is our hope that the web can solve all these problems, and make DIY digital publishing (and reading) simpler for all of us.

What this means for current iPad readers.

We would like to offer each of our iPad users a choice of the following:

1) A free year-long premium digital subscription at tapeop.com, starting January 2014. The "premium" subscription gets you:

  • Online access to each new issue the moment it is published, viewable here at tapeop.com in both a clean text format (like this - maybe better for smartphones, and for those that don't like our tiny printed type) and in the original full color print layout.
  • A watermarked PDF of each new issue directly in your email inbox as soon as it is published.
  • Online access to every single back issue we have since the year 2000 (starting with Tape Op #20), again viewable in both clean text and original print formats.


2) We refund you directly for this year's iPad subscription and any back issues you may have purchased through the app.

If you are a Tape Op iPad reader, please email us at sometimestechnologysucks@tapeop.com and let us know which of these you would like.

Please include your name and the email address you would like assigned to your subscription (if you already have a print subscription, please give us the email you subscribed with!). Lastly, if you do want the refund, please include your paypal email address so we can refund you.

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