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July 15, 2016

End Rant

Just Start Over

by Larry Crane

I remember a session, 17 years ago, with the band Quasi, for the album Field Studies. We'd tracked a song, "Birds." I thought the initial take was fine, and I believe we'd started overdubbing on it....

July 15, 2016

Gear Geeking

Windows 10

by Andy Hong

The nascence of my music-technology career goes back to high school, when I wrote a 1-bit sampling drum-machine program for my Apple ][+, utilizing the computer's cassette-tape storage port as the A/D...

July 12, 2016


Kevin McMahon: Appropriate Responses

by Zac Meyer

The Middle Hudson Valley of New York State has long been a bastion of creativity, counterculture, the arts, and especially music. While Woodstock is the hippie hamlet famous for lending its name to...




Hank Shocklee

by Philip Stevenson

Sometimes it's too bad Tape Op doesn't offer an audio version of the magazine. Whatever you might know or not know about Hank Shocklee, it's difficult without hearing him speak, to convey the...

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