Gear Reviews

The means contribute to the end. Usually.

MPDI-4 mic preamp/DI

by UnderTone Audio | reviewed by Dana Gumbiner

UnderTone Audio (UTA) is a relative newcomer to the world of boutique gear, the brainchild of producer/engineer Eric Valentine and electronic designer Larry Jasper, both mad geniuses in their own...

Mini K47 condenser mic

by Roswell Pro Audio | reviewed by Tony SanFilippo

I received an email from Matt McGlynn of, asking if I'd like to try the mic his new company was releasing. I am never going to say "No" to a new mic. A week or so later, a pair of...

Micro Clock MkIII

by Black Lion Audio | reviewed by Allen Farmelo

I've writing about clocks in Tape Op for close to ten years now, and I can sum up my opinion on the often-ridiculously-touchy subject like this: Clocks matter. They make a difference in sound; and...

Real Reverb D

by Demeter | reviewed by Larry Crane

Back in 2001, I reviewed the Demeter RV-1 Real Spring Reverb. I'm a big fan of electromechanical, non-digital, spatial effects — plates, springs, tape delays, and bucket-brigade delays rule my...