Gear Reviews

The means contribute to the end. Usually.

10DCF compressor/limiter

by BAE | reviewed by Geoff Stanfield

BAE has been making high quality gear in Los Angeles since the '80s, when the company's initials referred to the name of original owner Brent Averill, and Brent got his start racking vintage Neve 1073...

Media  |  No. 112

Issue #1 (magazine)

by Women in Sound | reviewed by Larry Crane

It's pretty awesome to stumble across a quarterly print 'zine that's "dedicated to increasing visibility for women working in live and recorded sound." Women in Sound is the product of editor...

P-87 condenser mic

by Peluso Microphones | reviewed by Francisco Botero

Mics can make the ordinary extraordinary. Mics are the lenses through which we show the listener the picture of what and how we see the world. Along the years, there have been many different...

Tools  |  No. 112

Workhorse SixPack 500-series frame

by Radial Engineering | reviewed by Andy Hong

Here's another product from Radial Engineering that has much more to it than meets the eye. At first glance, the Workhorse SixPack has the same form factor as any other six-slot 500-series frame with...

Origin condenser mic

by Aston Microphones | reviewed by Brad Williams

While Great Britain's legacy of recording gear manufacturing is rich, it's mostly been devoid of condenser microphones. Although many historic capacitor mics have roots in Germany or Austria, they've...

Media  |  No. 112

SY Programming (technical paper)

by Herbert Jan├čen | reviewed by John Baccigaluppi

Every rare once in a while, I stumble across something on the Internet that is so unique, overlooked, and vital, that I feel I need to point it out to somebody. SY Programming is one of those finds....