Gear Reviews

The means contribute to the end. Usually.

32cs channel strip

by Harrison Consoles | reviewed by Kirt Shearer

I remember the first time I saw a Harrison 3232 console when I was a young engineer visiting Southern California. At that point, I didn't have much experience on a large-format analog console. That...

Tools  |  No. 113

X1-R & V1 robotic mic mounts

by DynaMount | reviewed by Larry Crane

A year ago, I stumbled across a Kickstarter campaign to build a robotic mic mount. I'd always wanted something like this, where I could remotely move a mic from the control room while actively...

Tools  |  No. 113

Drum ring damper

by DrumClip | reviewed by Scott McChane

DrumClips came to me by way of a professional session drummer I'd worked with recently. During our session together, I walked into the live room with a roll of gaffer's tape — an all too...

RNDI active transformer DI

by RupertNeveDesigns | reviewed by Dave Hidek

The RNDI is an active, transformer-equipped, direct interface. It not only provides the best-sounding DI signal I've ever heard, but it can also handle line-level signals, as well as the speaker-level...

EQs  |  No. 113

EQ4M 6-band stereo EQ

by Mäag Audio | reviewed by Larry Crane

When F. Reid Shippen reviewed the 500-series Mäag EQ4 [Tape Op #88], he gave the six-band EQ high marks while pondering, "I also have to wonder if the EQ4 might not be a really cool mastering...

ATH-M50x & ATH-M70x headphones

by Audio-Technica | reviewed by Andy Hong

Everything I wrote about the sound of the original ATH-M50 headphone model [Tape Op #63] still rings true for its replacement, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor closed-back headphone....