Gear Reviews

by Adam Kagan

Tools  |  No. 150

Solid State Logic:
BiG SiX Mixer

Reviewed by Adam Kagan

Solid State Logic, better known as SSL, boasts a four-decade history of producing leading products for commercial studios, broadcast facilities, and live sound. However, SSL has recently directed...

Wiring  |  No. 147

API: Select T25 Tube Compressor

reviewed by Adam Kagan

API consoles, 500 Series modules, and their underlying technologies have been a staple of professional recording studios for over five decades. In 2021, API unveiled a new sub-brand called API Select,...

Daking: Comp IIT Compressor

reviewed by Adam Kagan

Geoff Daking began his career as a drummer in a signed band, then became a recording engineer, and almost three decades ago began building his own brand of recording gear in California. This is to say...

Sony: C-100 Microphone

reviewed by Adam Kagan

Sony, widely known for their consumer entertainment products, takes pro audio very seriously. In the professional microphone market, Sony previously produced three remarkable microphones: the C37A...