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Aug. 31, 2018

Gear Reviews

Pro Tools 2018.7

by Andy Hong, Kathryn Ourlian

It's been a few years since we reviewed Pro Tools 11 [Tape Op #101], the first version of the venerable DAW that featured 64-bit architecture and a newly reimplemented Avid Audio Engine, as well as...

July 26, 2018

Gear Geeking

Gear Geeking w/ Andy

by Andy Hong

While attending the Summer NAMM Show, I ran into several friends who thought I had left Tape Op completely. I apologize if my “Gear Geeking” column in the previous issue wasn’t clear...

July 25, 2018

End Rant

An Endangered Species?

by John Baccigaluppi

If you're one of the folks doing all your music making in-the-box, with your DAW and plug-ins, then you can skip the rest of this rant. Consider yourself lucky, as this older analog gear is getting...

July 26, 2018


Modern Loudness

by Aaron Mullan

How many of you ladies and gentlemen are making music these days intended for listening primarily on a five CD changer set to shuffle? If that's your audience, you might feel forced to use multiband...


Let's DIY

Let's DIY

DIY Diffusors

by Brad Williams

While hardly a glamorous concept, room acoustics represent a critical link in the recording or playback chain. While comprehensive room design is a complex cocktail of science, math and chance...

Let's DIY

DIY Reverb

by Nicolas Collins

In the disembodied world of today's computer-based multitrack mixing, one can spend a lot of time crafting a unifying sense of "space." Despite the dozens of reverb plug-ins and rack devices...

Let's DIY

Build Your Own Spring Reverb

by Scott Hampton

I have been a big fan of spring and plate reverbs for decades, and over the past three years I have spent a significant amount of time diving into the wormhole of designing and building them,...

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