Enrique Tena Padilla

by John Dwyer

I met Enrique Tena Padilla when he, along with Eric Bauer, engineered, produced, and mixed the last two Oh Sees records (Orc and Smote Reverser) at Sonic Ranch [Tape Op #94], outside of El Paso,...

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Dec. 3, 2018


Put Down the Phone

by Geoff Stanfield

It wasn’t that long ago that when you went into the studio you basically disappeared from the rest of the world into a place with few (or no) windows, and low light. Where time seemed to have a way of getting distorted, finding yourself rolling...

Nov. 16, 2018

Gear Geeking

Gear Geeking w/ Andy

by Andy Hong

For almost two decades now, a crucial component of my cross-platform file-sharing and backup strategies in my home and personal studio has been Network Attached Storage (NAS). My first NAS appliance...

Nov. 16, 2018

End Rant

Tough Love

by Larry Crane

Is there a fine line between naive encouragement and pessimistic, dour warnings of possible failure? (i.e. "Just do it! DIY!" vs. "Give up. It's impossible.") Over twenty years ago I was making plans...

Nov. 16, 2018

TOC Intro

Intro / TOC #128

by Larry Crane

A songwriter recently asked me to advise him on what type of recording equipment he should buy. He was looking for "a decent interface and a program… that won't make my demos sound like shit,...


Let's DIY

Let's DIY

DIY Diffusors

by Brad Williams

While hardly a glamorous concept, room acoustics represent a critical link in the recording or playback chain. While comprehensive room design is a complex cocktail of science, math and chance...

Let's DIY

DIY Reverb

by Nicolas Collins

In the disembodied world of today's computer-based multitrack mixing, one can spend a lot of time crafting a unifying sense of "space." Despite the dozens of reverb plug-ins and rack devices...

Let's DIY

Build Your Own Spring Reverb

by Scott Hampton

I have been a big fan of spring and plate reverbs for decades, and over the past three years I have spent a significant amount of time diving into the wormhole of designing and building them,...

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