Here's some basic info on we handle your privacy.

Firstly, we'd like to say thank you for sticking with us and trusting us with your email address and allowing us to send you email and snail mail. We got a bit of flak on the web for being up front about our intentions to rent our mailing list, but most of you stuck with us and we appreciate your support of the magazine!

As you know, Tape Op is a free magazine that's supported by our advertisers. That's how we can afford to print and mail it to you for free. This will include an occasional snail mail piece from some of our advertisers as well as our semi-regular e-zines.

We'd like to be a bit more clear about how this works for those of you who are interested in this:

  • Anytime we rent our list, it is for a 'one-time' usage. You are not being added to anyone else's database.
  • We usually send out our list to a bonded third party mailing house, which further prevents your data from being pirated.
  • We will only rent out our list to our advertisers who are professional audio companies. You won't be getting anything from long distance companies or timeshared condos in Cabo San Lucas.
  • Any emailed 'spam' will only come from us. We will not give out e-mail addresses to any third party, all e-mail will be forwarded to us and sent to you by us.