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Additions to TapeOp.com

I've pulled together a collection of recent thoughts I've had about the recording process. You can agree or not agree. The important thing is to use your ears, mind, and creativity to make great recordings. Recording equipment...
What do Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, LL Cool J, Ozzy Osbourne, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, U2, Mick Jagger, AC/DC, The Damned, The Posies, and Rage Against the Machine all have in common? They all...
BreakTweaker is a fantastic new rhythm/drum-sequencing plug-in from iZotope and Grammy-nominated musician, producer, and all-around genius Brian Transeau (better known as BT). Their previous...
Somehow, a strap-on keyboard can pass as dorky/cool, especially with the rise of "nerdcore." But IMHO, a synth guitar is just... well... dorky, and always will be. Just check YouTube for shredders...
Don Zientara is a name I became familiar with simply by seeing it over and over again on record, and then CD, liner notes. From his Inner Ear Studios, he's been engineering and producing...
Our pal and Tape Op contributor Ryan Hewitt told us he's hosting another one of his Studio Prodigy Master Class sessions in Valencia, CA on November 8 and 9 with Jim Scott. We interviewed Jim in Tape Op #75 and we speak from experience when we...
I've tried a lot of different iOS software synthesizers, but this app is probably the most enjoyable and best sounding soft synth I've used to date — on an iPad or a computer — and it has...
As we pack our bags and prepare to head down to Los Angeles for the 137th Audio Engineering Society Convention (here is how the thing began in 1948), we thought we'd drop you a line and let you know what we'll be up to once we get there. Come...
We are missing the departed Lou Whitney today. Here's Vance Powell's fantastic interview with him from Tape Op #98 for everyone to read. - LC

Welcome to the May/Jun 2014 issue of Tape Op!

Now that Tape Op has passed the 100th issue mark and survived 18 years, the astute among you may have noticed some changes.

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We've discontinued paid subscriptions. This may seem counterintuitive for a small business like ours; but it makes sense when you look at the time involved in managing, maintaining a database, addressing, shipping, responding to customer issues, and keeping a website updated for paid subscriptions. We have over 35,000 free subscriptions to the print magazine and less than 250 paid subs. It takes us about 5 minutes to process the 35,000 free subscriptions and a full day to process the 250 paid subs. We apologize to anyone who is upset about the lack of a paid subscription service, but the demand for this is so low, and we cannot find an outside company to handle this small of a job. (You can buy single copies from Hal Leonard; more info on this below.) We wish to thank our friends at Good Mountain and Tonevendor who've worked with us for years on this, as well as selling back issues.

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