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Sept. 29, 2014

U2's Songs of Innocence "Review"

by John Baccigaluppi

I'm not actually going to review the music on this record; it's free, just go get it and listen to it yourself. Instead, I'm a bit fascinated by the mechanics of the release itself. As my wife said when I told her I had the record, "Does anybody...

Jan. 21, 2013

Embrace the Chaos

by John Baccigaluppi

After reading Larry's "Eliminate Variables" End Rant from last issue, I was compelled to write a response. Don't get me wrong, I agree completely with everything he said; so before you read any further, revisit the back page of issue #92. I...

Oct. 24, 2012

A letter from Tape Op's Publisher

by John Baccigaluppi

Dear Tape Op Reader, We wanted to let you, the folks we make this magazine for, aware of a fundamental change in our business.  Short version: We are cutting our ad rates nearly in half. Why? Here's the long version: Tape Op is an...

Aug. 17, 2011

Sea of Bees in a Shed?

by John Baccigaluppi

  Larry and I recently spent a few weeks in the UK doing some interviews for the mag that you'll be seeing soon. Over the weekend I left Larry in London to play some gigs in Oxford and Cornwall with my friends in Sea of Bees. One of the...