Gear Reviews

by Garrett Haines

Networx: Brush Panel

reviewed by Garrett Haines

Many of you have run into this situation. You have audio cables that need to connect to jacks on the rear of gear and out to the front of a rack. I've drilled holes in blank panels, filed the sharp...

MAAT: thEQorange Plug-In

reviewed by Garrett Haines

MAAT's thEQorange is an update of the famous Algorithmix PEQ Orange linear EQ plug-in. The original Orange EQ (along with its Red sibling) were very popular with mastering houses. Users suggested that...

EQs  |  No. 132

Boz Digital Labs: The Wall

reviewed by Garrett Haines

I expect many readers are going to want to buy this plug-in within five minutes of trying it. In addition to being a nice limiter for general use, The Wall is superb for adding last minute level to...