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May 15, 2000


Recording Drums.

by Darron Burke

Setup/Getting sounds When I first started recording I used wonder how long I was supposed to take when setting up and getting drum sounds. Sometimes it took one or two hours, and other times it...


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End Rant


by Larry Crane

As long as I have been involved in music I've had a healthy respect for women who are part of the music community. Most of the bands I've ever been in had female musicians, I've trained women...


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The MIDI Drummer

by David Crigger  |  reviewed by Leigh Marble

This low-budget publishing effort manages to give a solid introduction to MIDI drumming. It covers nothing too advanced, especially given the expansion of MIDI options since 1987, but if you're a...

U-99 Microphone

by Soundelux  |  reviewed by John Botch

I am really lucky because a very good friend of mine gave me his vintage Neumann U-67 to use on one of those indefinite loan kind of deals. It really does sound fantastic, and I use it all the time....

U8 USB Digital Studio

by Roland  |  reviewed by Barry Rudolph

The U8 comes at a time when recording into a computer seems so non-tactile... operating the "tape deck" and punching in with a mouse doesn't quite work for me in the music making/recording process....