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Nov. 17, 2020  |  No. 140

Richard Chycki: Knows How to Listen

by Roman Sokal

As a seasoned professional producer, mixer, and engineer, Toronto-based Richard Chycki has worked with a vast array of musical artists, such as Rush, Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, and Jeff...

Nov. 17, 2020  |  No. 140

Sarah Jarosz: Transition & Growth

by Geoff Stanfield

At 29, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Sarah Jarosz has already had a lifetime's worth of musical accomplishments. Signing her first deal at 16 with Sugar Hill Records, she has since released...

Nov. 17, 2020  |  No. 140

Anne Gauthier of La La Land Studios

by Dawn Landes

Anne Gauthier is a producer, engineer, and drummer who cut her teeth in the Montreal punk scene, touring with bands like TR/ST and The Frenetics. In 2015 she relocated to Louisville, Kentucky, and...

Nov. 17, 2020  |  No. 140

Chris Cohen: Note to Noise Ratio

by Will Stratton

Chris Cohen may be as well-known at this point for his distinctively self-produced solo records as for playing in bands like Deerhoof [Tape Op #55], Cryptacize, and The Curtains, and for recent...