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March 22, 2020  |  No. 136

Adrian Sherwood: Pay It All Back

by Larry Crane

I remember the first time I heard the Dub Syndicate album, Tunesfrom the Missing Channel, in 1984. I was used to reggae being somethingearthy and warm, but here was a record that sizzled and popped...

March 22, 2020  |  No. 136

Amy King: Versatile... Dedicated.

by Roman Sokal

Grant Avenue Studio, based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is a prestigious, fabled, and legendary studio originally built by the brothers Bob and Daniel Lanois [Tape Op #37, #127]. In 1985, musician...

March 22, 2020  |  No. 136

Kyle Crane: Bigger Achievements

by Dave Middleton

I first met Kyle Crane at the airport in Austin before a barrage of SXSW showcases in 2012, when the band I was playing with flew him in from L.A. to be our drummer for the week. Eight years later,...