by Bryan Bingold

Jan. 15, 2002  |  No. 27

J Mascis

by Bryan Bingold

The Crystal Ballroom, in Portland, OR, suddenly fell silent as J Mascis, shuffled on stage in a parka and a purple scarf. After an extended lunch break, Mascis arrived to do the soundcheck before...

Jan. 20, 2000

Greg Sage of Zeno Studios and The Wipers

by Bryan Bingold

I first discovered The Wipers in a basement record shop in Southeast Portland. I picked up Silver Sail and was blown away by the sonic quality. I quickly found myself buying all The Wipers' albums I...

Jan. 3, 2000

An Interns' Confession

by Bryan Bingold

What can I say? I love music. I can't envision a world that is absent of music. Like many, I have the dream of becoming a rock star. I picked up my first issue of Tape Op because it contained an...