by Curtis Settino

May 15, 2000  |  No. 17

Ween: Recording vocals in car trunks

by Curtis Settino

Ween gets away with murder. It is one of the few bands that writes, records, and releases exactly what it wants. The group's songs can be daring, funny, offensive, and tender. Composed of Mickey...

Jan. 15, 2000  |  No. 15

Ken Nordine, Master of Word Jazz

by Curtis Settino

Somehow, somewhere, somewhen, someone shared with me the sonic sensibilities of Ken Nordine. I was delighted with his word play (or were the words playing with him?), his deep, clear voice (an...

Sept. 15, 1999  |  No. 19

Recording Recipes #11: Megaphones

by Curtis Settino

Megaphones The megaphone, or "conical" shape, used to be the crux of the the recording business. Early recording devices used "horns", as they called them, to capture and project sound. The size,...