by Garrett Haines

Sept. 15, 2005  |  No. 49

Spring Reverb

by Garrett Haines

Plate reverbs, with their large tensioned metal plate and transducers, were one of the first electronic ambience simulators used in the recording studio. A variation on the plate reverb concept is the...

March 15, 2005  |  No. 46

Microphones: The Decca Tree Technique

by Garrett Haines

In the last issue, Bruce Bartlett examined many of the ways to position two mics for great stereo recordings. Although it might seem strange, there is also a cool way to get great stereo tracks using...

July 15, 2004  |  No. 42

Boundary Mics: Boundary Mic Fun!

by Garrett Haines

Boundary microphones are rarely mentioned when discussing creative recording — and this is unfortunate. When paired with the right boundary material you can achieve a wide range of sounds and...

March 15, 2004  |  No. 40

Omni Microphones: Try the Omni

by Garrett Haines

I just finished mastering an EP for Centuries of Slow Accumulation, a two-piece outfit with a surprisingly big sound. Their style uses barking Kinks-esque guitars and rowdy drums. Although focused,...