by Geoff Stanfield

Aug. 23, 2020

Tape Op Buyer's Guide #2: 500 Series

by Geoff Stanfield

I have long been a fan of the 500 series format. It is a relatively cost effective way to have a variety of modules at your disposal and portable in the right rack. I often recommend it to friends...

April 28, 2020

Blake Mills: Tape Op Podcast Interview

by Geoff Stanfield

Perfume Genius, Laura Marling, Alabama Shakes, John Legend, Vulfpeck, Randy Newman, Jesca Hoop, Norah Jones, Andrew Bird, Jim James, and a long list of others all have a common thread: Blake Mills....

July 20, 2019  |  No. 132

Ryan Bingham: Making Records

by Geoff Stanfield

From humble beginnings in Hobbs, New Mexico, and a childhood spent moving from oilfield to oilfield for his father's jobs, Ryan Bingham rode bulls and eventually learned to play a guitar given to him...

May 19, 2018  |  No. 125

Matt Chamberlain: Perfect Timing

by Geoff Stanfield

Over the last 20 years Matt Chamberlain has contributed to a staggering variety of recordings including David Bowie, Tori Amos, Frank Ocean, Miranda Lambert, Bill Frisell, Brad Mehldau, Fiona Apple,...