by Ian Brennan

May 10, 2023  |  No. 155

Tunde Adebimpe: Sketching the Panorama

by Ian Brennan

Tunde Adebimpe is the co-lead singer and co-founder of the critically acclaimed TV On The Radio, a group who helped reshape rock music as well as the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York...

Jan. 11, 2023  |  No. 153

Don Lewis 1941-2022

by Ian Brennan

As an electronic instrument pioneer, and one of the designers of the Roland TR-808 drum machine, Don Lewis had an irreversible impact on the trajectory and sound of popular music. On November 6th,...

Nov. 15, 2022  |  No. 152

Gaelynn Lea Tressler

by Ian Brennan

Gaelynn Lea is one of the most original musicians and songwriters working today. She also happens, by chance, to be a wheelchair user. Incredibly prolific, she has released three solo albums, as well...

Sept. 15, 2022  |  No. 151

Craig Leon: Repeated Listening

by Ian Brennan

Craig Leon produced a host of who’s who New York band debuts in the mid-1970s, including Blondie, Richard Hell the Voidoids, and Suicide. He went onto work with many stalwart artists such as Guy...

Jan. 19, 2021  |  No. 141

Piper Payne: Respect For the Craft

by Ian Brennan

A drummer turned mastering engineer, Piper Payne is a Bay Area audio professional who I’ve long admired. She has worked with the likes of The Go-Go’s, Shannon & the Clams, Third Eye...