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Interviews  |  No. 46

Phil Taylor

by Jeff Touzeau

For nearly a century, The Astoria has woven its own distinct musical heritage along the banks of the river Thames, just southwest of London. With its lush and leafy surroundings, highly reminiscent...

Nov. 21, 2019  |  No. 134

Mark Hornsby: Serving the Song

by Jeff Touzeau

When you're young and picking a career, everyone always tells you to "do what you love." In the music industry however, sometimes such lofty platitudes aren't enough to pay the bills – even if...

March 15, 2004  |  No. 40

Fran Manzella: Studio Designer

by Jeff Touzeau

Fran Manzella, designer of East Hill Studios, Masterdisk, Sterling Sound, Stratosphere Studios and many, many others, learned studio design through his inquisitive nature and determination to...