by Leigh Marble

May 15, 2001  |  No. 23

Octant: On Hotrodding Playskool toys

by Leigh Marble

Last summer, a friend was all excited about an upcoming show by a "keyboard duo" from Seattle. They played some kind of experimental electronic pop. Octant? Never heard of them, I shrugged. How...

July 15, 2000  |  No. 18

Make Your Own Piezo Drum Triggers

by Leigh Marble

Ingredients: piezo discs (at least one for each drum you want a trigger on, preferably more in case you screw up) small gauge, double-stranded wire (about 6" of wire per trigger) speaker wire or...

Sept. 15, 1999  |  No. 19

Some 4-Track Cassette Tips

by Leigh Marble

Here's two routing tricks for cassette 4-tracks: 1) When recording, bypass the channel mic inputs and instead use line or aux inputs whenever possible. This can audibly increase the clarity of the...

Dec. 15, 1998  |  No. 11

Neutral Milk Hotel

by Larry Crane, Leigh Marble

Neutral Milk Hotel began in the early 90's as a 4 track cassette project by Jeff Mangum. Since then, he's released a couple of albums on Merge records (On Avery Island, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea)...

July 15, 1998  |  No. 9

Papas Fritas: And the Columnated Ruins

by Leigh Marble

Papas Fritas are a young pop trio based out of Boston, Massachusetts.  After putting a single out on Sunday Driver Records in 1994, they were discovered by Minty Fresh, who released 1994's...