by Lisa Machac

March 13, 2024  |  No. 160

Matt Parmenter: With an Open Mind

by Lisa Machac

Matt Parmenter is an Austin, Texas-based engineer and owner of Ice Cream Factory Studio, with over 20 years of experience producing, recording, mixing, and mastering music. He's been nominated for a...

Jan. 10, 2024  |  No. 159

Lynne Earls: Immersed in the Practice

by Lisa Machac

Lynne Earls is an Irish music producer, songwriter, and sound engineer based in Los Angeles, California. In addition to owning her own label, custom music production shop, and residential recording...

May 10, 2023  |  No. 155

Hill Kourkoutis: Thriving & Growing

by Lisa Machac

A songwriter, producer, mixer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, director, and actress, Hill Kourkoutis is based in Barrie, a small town outside of Toronto, Canada. In addition to her recording and...

Jan. 11, 2023  |  No. 153

Isabelle Banos: Opening the Door

by Lisa Machac

A producer, songwriter, and a founding member of the alternative pop band Caveboy, Isabelle Banos is based in Montreal, Canada. Her passion for empowerment through education has led her to become a...

Sept. 14, 2021  |  No. 145

NOVA WAV: Believing in Magic

by Lisa Machac

Brittany "Chi" Coney and Denisia "Blu June" Andrews have been working together as the songwriting and producing duo NOVA WAV for over a decade. Based in Los Angeles, the Grammy-winning pair has...