by Rob Christensen

Jan. 15, 2011  |  No. 81

Recording & Music Creation Podcasts

by Rob Christensen

I love listening to people talk about recording and making music. Because I'm more of a home recording hobbyist, I don't get the opportunity to engage in this sort of conversation as often as I'd...

March 15, 2001  |  No. 22

Under The Radar: Under The Radar

by Rob Christensen

A former co-worker of mine liked to use the phrase "It's a product of excellent quality." If I raved about a new album, a new pair of shoes, or just about anything, he'd say, "Oh, so it's a product...

Jan. 15, 2001  |  No. 21

Under The Radar

by Rob Christensen

I've been thinking a bit about sound quality lately. An acquaintance of mine observed somewhat arrogantly that a CD-R written about in this column sounded a lot like a noted major-label recording...

Sept. 15, 1998  |  No. 10

Cassette Corner!

by Rob Christensen

Since I took on this column last fall I've received about forty cassettes that were submitted to Tape Op for review. After months of wading through, listening, and reviewing, I feel the need to echo...

July 15, 1998  |  No. 9

Cassette Corner #2

by Rob Christensen

Welcome to Cassette Corner #2.  So far it's been very rewarding talking with people about how they record their music.  I guess that's what Tape Op is all about.  Last time around I...

March 15, 1998  |  No. 8

Cassette Corner

by Rob Christensen

The great thing about self-released cassettes is that anyone can put them out without spending too much money.  Photocopy some J-cards, dub a few tapes on the home stereo, and you're done. ...