by Steven Nereo

Nov. 15, 2003  |  No. 38

Audio Books Review: Audio Books Roundup

by David Ackerman, John Baccigaluppi, Myles Boisen, Louis R. Carlozo, Martin Chittum, Scott Colburn, Larry Crane, David Cuetter, Matthew Cullen, Larry DeVivo, Bill Dodd, Jeremy du Bois, Kiley Henner, Graham Hick, Bob Katz, Steve McAllister, Bill McMaster, Eric Morrison, Steven Nereo, Steve Pogact, Brian Roth, Rob Shelby, Steve Silverstein, Kenneth Sluiter, Philip Stevenson, David Weiss

Since Tape Op Magazine only comes out every other month, I assume that our typical reader has a little time left over in which to read and learn more about the art and science of recording. With that...

Jan. 15, 2002  |  No. 27

BS2000: Amery Smith & Adam Horovitz

by Steven Nereo

BS2000 recently released their new album, Simply Mortified, of lo-fi dance hits and keyboard jams. The band consists of Adam Horovitz (of the Beastie Boys) and Amery Smith and their new record was...