by Vijith Assar

Sept. 15, 2011  |  No. 85

Andrew Huang: Songs To Wear Pants To

by Vijith Assar

Making the transition from artist to professional songwriter usually divorces the composer from the final shape of the piece, leaving the execution in the hands of distant artists, producers and on...

May 15, 2008  |  No. 65

Kevin Barnes: aka Of Montreal

by Vijith Assar

Decades after the rise (and, arguably fall) of the B- 52's and R.E.M., the reach of the rock and roll Bethlehem that is Athens, Georgia can still be felt in contemporary pop. In 2005 the perennial...

May 15, 2007  |  No. 59

Gabriel Roth / Bosco Mann

by Vijith Assar

Sharon Jones may be the reigning matriarch of revivalist funk, but when I first interviewed her a year and a half ago, she was very clear about her role: she's the face and voice of the operation...