Recording Drums

Sept. 15, 2010  |  No. 79

Prepping Drums

by Steve La Cerra

Most engineers would probably agree that recording a drum kit is one of the most challenging studio tasks. The popularity of sampled drums and drum replacement software is a testament to the facts...

Sept. 15, 2010  |  No. 79

Other Drum Tips

by Chris Garges

Die cast hoops Die cast hoops give a drum more body, not "crack." I totally think of triple-flanged hoops as giving a drum more crack without the substantial body that a die cast hoop adds. Nylon...

Sept. 15, 2008  |  No. 67

Reamping Drums

by John Noll

Re-amping guitar tracks is a pretty common technique these days, but did you know you can also re-amplify drums? This process can solve problems and expand your sonic palette during mixing. I was...

Sept. 15, 2004  |  No. 43

Dave Mattacks: Recording Drums

by Jason Hatfield

Dave Mattacks is arguably one of the world's best drummers. His recording credits include: Joan Armatrading, Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Sandy Denny, Nick Drake, Brian Eno, George Harrison, Jethro Tull,...

July 15, 2000  |  No. 18

Make Your Own Piezo Drum Triggers

by Leigh Marble

Ingredients: piezo discs (at least one for each drum you want a trigger on, preferably more in case you screw up) small gauge, double-stranded wire (about 6" of wire per trigger) speaker wire or...

May 15, 2000  |  No. 17

Recording Drums.

by Darron Burke

Setup/Getting sounds When I first started recording I used wonder how long I was supposed to take when setting up and getting drum sounds. Sometimes it took one or two hours, and other times it...