Think your one vote doesn't count for much? Around 500 votes in Florida swayed the 2000 presidential election — a margin of .03% of the state population — 1 in 3000! The American people have a real say in how this country is run, our policies and our leaders. Make your choice and place your vote... it matters more than you might believe.
-Tardon Feathered, Mr. Toads

About 25 percent of qualified voters can elect a president, your state's electoral votes are not directly proportionate to its population, and neither the Constitution nor federal law requires your states' electors to vote according to their state's popular vote. Your vote (sort of) counts.
-Geoff Farina, Karate

Don't think that your one vote will change anything, but instead, KNOW that our collective votes can change everything!
-Hillary Johnson

I want to ensure that any artists do not get blacklisted by the government, Clear Channel, or fervent supporters of any party because of their political beliefs. Freedom of speech should be freedom of speech. Not freedom to agree with any administration. And why do I spend $400 a month as a freelance worker for health insurance when every other industrialized country in the world offers healthcare? Vote. And if you don't vote, don't complain.
-John Agnello

If you choose not to vote this year, you are giving power and access to resources to people who are not at all like you and me. They will stop at nothing to further their agenda. And they do not have the slightest concern for your welfare or the welfare of your families. It's not certain that they even like music very much.
-George Massenburg, GML

For those of us aspiring to and those blessed to have careers making and recording music, you may never have a greater opportunity to affect the culture we will be recording and playing in than to get your sorry ass to your local polling place on November 3rd (or if that's too daunting, go get an absentee ballot, like me). As artists, the world doesn't really ask all that much of us in terms of duty or responsibility, but this time around it is SCREAMING at us to act, and all we actually have to do is vote. -Steve Berlin, Los Lobos

Don't let feardom ring!
-Doug Easley, Easley-McCain Recording

My quote is "Command-Z".
-Mike Caffrey, Monster Island

The revolution WILL be televised, but the revolution won't occur until and unless WE all vote, leaving the Jerry Springer-watchin' "my vote don't count" people's votes not to be counted.
-Fletcher, Mercenary Audio

So many people in the world don't have the right to vote and/or had to go to extreme lengths for that right. To be born into that right and not to exercise it strikes me as the epitome of a spoiled, apathetic, self-absorbed... Oh wait, that's what Fletcher said...
-John Baccigaluppi

I have never voted before — I am voting now. Creative people can make a difference toward a world of creative solutions.
-Oz Fritz

If you feel strongly about something you have to DO SOMETHING! Voting is your chance at actively standing up and being "counted" for your beliefs.
-David Miles Huber

Our country is at a critical juncture, and this year every vote will count. I urge everyone to register to vote and use the power to effect change.
-Lee Ranaldo, Sonic Youth

I used to think, since the differences between the two major political parties in the U.S. are, from my perspective, pretty insubstantial, and that neither one of them seemed likely to address most of the deepest problems in this country in a meaningful way, that voting was a pointless exercise. Events have shown, however, that these relatively minor differences can have huge consequences, and the importance of voting has become quite clear.
-Sam Coomes, Quasi

Think long and hard about which candidate and his team are smart enough to plan ahead, understand nuanced consequences, and act in our best collective long-term interests in domestic and foreign affairs, defense, energy, environment, judicial appointments, and the economy. Then, go out and vote!
-Larry Fast, Synergy

Americans have become sheep to our government, consumerism, and media, which keep us for the most part in the dark about what really is happening in the world, and the purposes behind our military involvement abroad. Collectively we have the power to change our destiny, which in my opinion is on a crash course with the rest of the world.
-Scott Hampton, Hamptone

Life is political. I tried to avoid that fact for years, sequestered in my comfortable cocoon of a recording studio. I thought I was a member of the counterculture and the laws and rules of ordinary mortals did not apply to me. But I couldn't see the wood for the trees until I recorded in other countries. We have it real good here in America and the potential to make it even better. Believe it or not, there is more tolerance of differing opinions and lifestyles here, more opportunities to be successful — and we pay the lowest taxes. I've worked and lived in small European and African countries that have an official national religion, government controlled radio and television and music formats that make our present, seemingly restricted media a dream. But that can change in America, no matter how bad you think it is here, it could get worse. How? Through your indifference and apathy, or even a defiant spirit ('I'm not voting, politics stink.'). If you don't vote then you deserve what party gets elected anyway. It's time to get political and make your vote be known, otherwise our leaders will think that, by our silence, we want them to do our thinking for us. That's not good for people who write and make music. If fewer people vote it sends a message to our leaders that we are caring less and less about having a democratic nation. I assume you would like to continue to have free speech, to worship or not worship, to live your life the way you want to, and to help all Americans get educated and healthy. If we vote in high record numbers this year, no matter who wins, our leaders will get a very clear message that more people in America really give a shit! They will listen to us, because we can vote their asses out of office the next time elections come around. You must vote if only to keep democracy alive.
-Tony Visconti

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