From the mouth of Peter Jefferies:

"I've devised a method of bouncing down... the original tracks (usually 1 to 3 tracks) are on the 4 track.  They go from there, through a graphic equaliser, to a cassette deck, out through a stereo — it's the amp with the loudness button and the best speakers, into a Shure 58 mic, back to a single track on the reel to reel.  It's especially good for low end and mids (note, I can monitor through headphones on stereo #2).  I can add 2 more tracks, and bounce one more time internally on the four track and it's still OK, still on one track (or more) and I have 2 or 3 more tracks to finish it.  And of course I can be "hands on" and edit as I go.  It's tape consuming, and time consuming (I guess I've taken around 250-300 hrs so far, so it's a good thing I'm not in a studio)."

-courtesy of Craig at Emperor Jones 


Greg Freeman (Tape Op #1) has moved out of the old Lowdown Studio digs and put a lot of gear in storage to make way for the new SF ballpark.  What a shame.  He says he's got work lined up at several 16 track studios in the area and y'all can reach him at <>.  Also the new Pell Mell album will be coming out on Matador since they (and a lot of others) were dropped from DGC.  Oh, and it was produced by Tchad Blake so I'm sure it's an ear treat! 

I chatted with Trent Bell of Bell Labs (Tape Op #6) in Norman, OK, the other day.  He's moved out of the big barn setup that the studio was in (and I didn't get any dirt to share on why) and has purchased a commercial building to work out of.  I'm jealous of those low Oklahoma property costs!  He's been busy on some cool sounding records and the studio number's the same, at 405-573-4061. 

Remember the Dave Doughman interview in the last issue of Tape Op? I found out where to get his records finally! Matt and Jon at Spare Me records have released a 7" and 12" of Swearing at Motorists, Dave's band, and although the 12" is out of print, it looks like it's coming out on CD before Christmas. In the meantime send $4 for a copy of the "Tuesday's Pretzel Night" single to Spare Me, 127 Great Kills, SI, NY 10308 (ask for a catalog too!)

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