Gear Geeking

Sporadic and regular articles from our contributors.

Jan/Feb 2015

Gear Geeking  |  No. 105

Gear Geeking #105

by Andy Hong

When I saw Hüsker Dü and Soul Asylum perform at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston in 1986, the bands were loud enough to cause physical pain to my ears. The high frequencies were especially...

Nov/Dec 2014

Gear Geeking  |  No. 104

Gear Geeking #104

by Andy Hong

This past September, I attended the inaugural A3Exchange ( in Boston and had one of the most enjoyable conference experiences in years. A small team of forward thinkers, under the...

Jul/Aug 2014

Gear Geeking  |  No. 102

Gear Geeking #102

by Andy Hong

I was amazed when I first witnessed radio-controlled airplane models flying through the air. But the complexity and maintenance requirements of fuel-based engines and analog radio systems scared me...

May/Jun 2014

Gear Geeking  |  No. 101

Gear Geeking #101

by Andy Hong

For those of you interested in how Tape Op gear reviews are produced, I'd like to relate what happened with a particular review published in the previous issue, and springboard to a summary of the...

Mar/Apr 2014

Gear Geeking  |  No. 100

Gear Geeking #100

by Andy Hong

Despite everything that we know about acoustics, and the trouble we go through to treat our rooms properly, a popular practice in recording studios is to place nearfield monitors on top of the...

Jan/Feb 2014

Gear Geeking  |  No. 99

Gear Geeking #99

by Andy Hong

As a studio owner, I'm constantly battling entropy. Whether it's everyday gear, or rarely-used tools and accessories — stuff tends to pile up randomly in corners and cubbies. When I decided to...

Nov/Dec 2013

Gear Geeking  |  No. 98

Gear Geeking #98

by Andy Hong

In the previous issue, I described how my "nerd vest" and "nerd bandolier" have been essential trappings while my broken bones are healing. I'm unable to hold things in my hands while crutching around...

Sep/Oct 2013

Gear Geeking  |  No. 97

Gear Geeking #97

by Andy Hong

I broke my leg and foot in a skateboarding accident (and no, it wasn't on the ramps in JB's old Hangar studio before his recent move). Unfortunately, my studio isn't wheelchair friendly, so when I'm...

Jul/Aug 2013

Gear Geeking  |  No. 96

Gear Geeking #96

by Andy Hong

Most of you by now have read elsewhere about the new Pro Tools 11 release, and I imagine some of you have already upgraded and are benefiting from its many enhancements. There are, as you'd expect,...

May/Jun 2013

Gear Geeking  |  No. 95

Gear Geeking #95

by Andy Hong

Years ago, I mentioned in "Gear Geeking" the ErgoMart SAA7000 LCD monitor arm [Tape Op #56]. Back then, it was state-of-the-art — and the best LCD arm that I had seen. I recently upgraded the...

Mar/Apr 2013

Gear Geeking  |  No. 94

Gear Geeking #94

by Andy Hong

When an aspiring producer expressed her goal to remain in the analog/tape domain as much as possible, I played her a song I had recorded some years ago — "You Know" by Nedelle & Thom from...