Gear Geeking

Sporadic and regular articles from our contributors.

Jul/Aug 2014

Gear Geeking  |  No. 102

Gear Geeking #102

by Andy Hong

I was amazed when I first witnessed radio-controlled airplane models flying through the air. But the complexity and maintenance requirements of fuel-based engines and analog radio systems scared me...

May/Jun 2014

Gear Geeking  |  No. 101

Gear Geeking #101

by Andy Hong

For those of you interested in how Tape Op gear reviews are produced, I'd like to relate what happened with a particular review published in the previous issue, and springboard to a summary of the...

Mar/Apr 2014

Gear Geeking  |  No. 100

Gear Geeking #100

by Andy Hong

Despite everything that we know about acoustics, and the trouble we go through to treat our rooms properly, a popular practice in recording studios is to place nearfield monitors on top of the...

Jan/Feb 2014

Gear Geeking  |  No. 99

Gear Geeking #99

by Andy Hong

As a studio owner, I'm constantly battling entropy. Whether it's everyday gear, or rarely-used tools and accessories — stuff tends to pile up randomly in corners and cubbies. When I decided to...

Nov/Dec 2013

Gear Geeking  |  No. 98

Gear Geeking #98

by Andy Hong

In the previous issue, I described how my "nerd vest" and "nerd bandolier" have been essential trappings while my broken bones are healing. I'm unable to hold things in my hands while crutching around...

Sep/Oct 2013

Gear Geeking  |  No. 97

Gear Geeking #97

by Andy Hong

I broke my leg and foot in a skateboarding accident (and no, it wasn't on the ramps in JB's old Hangar studio before his recent move). Unfortunately, my studio isn't wheelchair friendly, so when I'm...

Jul/Aug 2013

Gear Geeking  |  No. 96

Gear Geeking #96

by Andy Hong

Most of you by now have read elsewhere about the new Pro Tools 11 release, and I imagine some of you have already upgraded and are benefiting from its many enhancements. There are, as you'd expect,...

May/Jun 2013

Gear Geeking  |  No. 95

Gear Geeking #95

by Andy Hong

Years ago, I mentioned in "Gear Geeking" the ErgoMart SAA7000 LCD monitor arm [Tape Op #56]. Back then, it was state-of-the-art — and the best LCD arm that I had seen. I recently upgraded the...

Mar/Apr 2013

Gear Geeking  |  No. 94

Gear Geeking #94

by Andy Hong

When an aspiring producer expressed her goal to remain in the analog/tape domain as much as possible, I played her a song I had recorded some years ago — "You Know" by Nedelle & Thom from...

Jan/Feb 2013

Gear Geeking  |  No. 93

Gear Geeking #93

by Andy Hong

With the purchase of several Radial Workhorse 500-series frames [Tape Op #85, #92], I decided to add a new rack as well as rewire one of my four Audio Accessories 96-point TT patchbays...

Nov/Dec 2012

Gear Geeking  |  No. 92

Gear Geeking #92

by Andy Hong

I've always had my DAW computers in a rack at the rear corner of my control room, which is farther from the video monitor than the DVI spec recommends for maximum cable length for standard copper....