Right after this issue comes out, April 15th, 2016 will come around. What's the significance of this date? It marks 20 years of Tape Op Magazine. As the founder and editor of this humble mag, I am in shock. The little, hand-Xeroxed periodical that I started in order to learn more about recording (see this month's End Rant), and to discuss the creative aspects of making records, has endured a very large chunk of my life. I think the most important, and lasting, legacy the magazine has generated for myself has been the friendships and collaborations that have occurred along the way. John Baccigaluppi went from being the guy that produced and released my old band's recordings (Vomit Launch, in case you were asking!) to partnering up as my publisher - and becoming one of my best friends. Other folks have joined the fray along the way, and our current production team members: Andy Hong, Laura Thurmond, Dave Middleton, Scott McChane, Marsha Vdovin, and Maria Baker are my friends and will always be important to me. But one other person has contributed to this mag since nearly the beginning. From volunteering to proofread and staple issues many years ago, to tightening up our editorial and putting up with unplanned working vacations, Jenna Crane has been the best friend and a very important supporter in this crazy venture. 

I frequently go on rants about disposing of the DIY myth, and Tape Op is living proof that one needs friends and supporters to make something big really happen. Thanks to all our contributors, crew, and writers; thanks to my lovely wife; and thanks to everyone that supports the magazine with advertising. But the real thanks is to all the readers that see something in what we do, who read every issue, and those that send us thoughts and kind words. Thank you! 

Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making.

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