from issue no. 10

Sept. 15, 1998  |  No. 10

Sue Garner

by Larry Crane

Sue Garner has been a member of many New York based bands over the years, Fish and Roses, The Shams, and currently, Run On. Generally she can be found playing bass and singing. After all those years...

Sept. 15, 1998  |  No. 10

Craig Shumacher: The Wave Lab

by Adam Selzer

A little over a year ago, a record under the guise of OP8 was released which was a collaboration between Howe Gelb, Joey Burns, John Convertino (all of Giant Sand) and Lisa Germano.  It's one of...

Sept. 15, 1998  |  No. 10

Tiny Telephone

by Todd Costanza

Tiny Telephone is a studio set up by the band MK Ultra in San Francisco.  John Vanderslice is a member of that band and helps run the studio.  Todd Costanza is a member of Granfalloon Bus...