We talk at length with record-makers about how they make records.

March 18, 2019  |  No. 130

Jimmy Douglass: The Senator Speaks

by Larry Crane

The career of Jimmy Douglass is incredibly interesting. Coming up at Atlantic Records in the early '70s, he learned the ins and outs of studio life on the fly while observing masters like Tom Dowd and...

Jan. 17, 2019  |  No. 129

New Danger: Tulips by Maston

by John Phillips

Maston is the project of L.A.-based composer multi-instrumentalist Frank Maston, who also runs the studio and label, Phonoscope. I met Frank backstage at a Jacco Gardner [Tape Op #109] concert in July...

Jan. 17, 2019  |  No. 129


by Larry Crane

SoundBetter Founders Shachar Gilad (Left) and Itamar Yunger (Right). In 2013 I met up with Shachar Gilad, the founder of SoundBetter, to talk about the new business he'd started, connecting people...

Jan. 17, 2019  |  No. 129

Jamie Lidell: Electro-Soul

by Larry Crane

British-born, Nashville-living Jamie Lidell is a singer, beatboxer, recordist, producer, engineer, songwriter, code writer, husband, and father. He has collaborated with Beck, Cristian Vogel (as Super...

Jan. 17, 2019  |  No. 129

Joe Henry: The Process is Not Fragile

by Bren Davies

Joe Henry may be the deepest guy I have ever discussed music with. His insights and, in fact, almost every response to my carefully researched questions that came out of his mouth highlighted his...

Nov. 17, 2018  |  No. 128

Eric Bachmann: Can't be Faked (Bonus)

by Ryan Sommer

Eric Bachmann started recording in the late '80s and early '90s with the indie heroes, Archers of Loaf. The group had a unique sound that is still heavily cited today. However it was far from a clean...